Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Horne & Corden Comedy Sketch Show .

The new Horne & Corden Comedy Sketch Show is now being broadcast on BBC Three. I watched this programme last week and thought it was great. I found their comedy fresh, up to date, very funny and entertaining. They seem to carry on where Hale and Pace left off in 1998.

However, I was rather surprised to read on Sunday that not everyone is enjoying the programme and that some people think it is rather bad. Some critics claim that this programme is homophobic and puerile. The Stage's TV critic, Harry Venning, wrote: "They are actors, not comedians. The BBC pointed out that it received its highest first-night audience for BBC3. The show pulled in a healthy number of repeat viewers and was the most popular show on the iPlayer watch-again download. A spokeswoman said the show was aimed at twenty-somethings, not middle-aged television critics.

Well, I watched the second episode of the Horne & Corden Comedy Sketch Show last night and my view has not changed. I enjoyed the second episode as much as I enjoyed the first and will continue to watch the whole series. I vote this programme a HIT. The critics still surprise me. I do not consider this programme as homophobic. I encourage and celebrate diversity in our society and with my understanding of homosexuality I cannot find anything homophobic about the content of the programme. I think that homosexuals should enjoy this programme as much as bi-sexuals and hetrosexuals. I do not think the humour is puerile, I think it should appeal to viewers of all age groups. To claim the programme is aimed at twenty-somethings is daft because television is as age universal in it's appeal as denim jeans. I am 50 years of age and I do not consider that it is aimed at a younger audience or that I am to old to enjoy it. Comedy appeals to people of all ages. Horne and Corden are good actors, they are also good comedians. Any good comedy programme must have good actors to present the programme because bad acting would make the programme fail.

Well done to Horne & Corden, you made me laugh. To the critics I say simply use your off button, it is your right to choose in our free society.
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