Monday, March 23, 2009

Missing by Susan Lewis .

Missing is the 20th novel written by Susan Lewis and it was first published in 2007. The paperback edition runs to 568 pages and it is a mystery set in Devon. It's an early autumn day like any other as Miles Avery drives his wife, Jacqueline, to the station. Nothing remarkable crops up in conversation, nor do either of them appear anything other than their normal selves. At the station, Jacqueline gets out, takes an overnight bag from the back seat, then turns towards the platforms. This is the last anyone sees of her.

Three weeks later, Miles calls the police.

This is a good book, I enjoyed reading it. It is a mystery but it is also a story of love. Miles Avery is loved, not just by his wife Jacqueline who has gone missing but also by two other women, Vivienne and Justine. I vote this book a HIT because it shines with such an emotional warmth. Although mysteries involving love should naturally appeal to women, because of the quality of Susan's writing I believe that men will also enjoy this book. I enjoyed reading it and I did not feel a wuss for doing so. You will meet Miles's 14 year old daughter Kelsey and she is really annoying in the way that only 14 year old teenage girls can be. You will marvel at the patience and sheer undying love that Miles holds for her.

This book is a tale of how, with love, people can move on from whatever life has thrown at them. Slowly the mystery unfolds towards a terrific end. On page 553 the first of two letters written by Jacqueline is revealed to the reader. This letter is very moving because of it's depth, understanding and love. Then on page 561 the second letter written by Jacqueline is revealed to the reader. You have built up such an understanding of all the characters in this book by then that I found the content of Jacqueline's second letter very moving and it brought a tear to my eye. This is not a soppy love story but a very sad tale, a tale of Missing.
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