Sunday, March 08, 2009

Waving the Green Flag .

It's that time of year again to renew my car breakdown cover. This year I will be waving the Green Flag, for one simple reason, cost. I wanted my car breakdown cover to include roadside assistance, recovery to a chosen UK destination and a home start service. All breakdown companies give you a discount for buying online. The big three this year, for the same level of cover, quote in at £112.12 for the AA , £105.75 for the RAC and £57.75 for the Green Flag . What a difference in premium for the same service, I was surprised at the range of quotes. The decision to go for the Green Flag was an easy one for me to make.

The documentation has now come through the post and I find it impossible not to read it cover to cover. There are always gems to laugh at in all corporate literature and the Green Flag booklet is no different! There are two gems in the Breakdown Cover Terms and Conditions booklet, both on page 6.

Vehicle locating via mobile signal.
If you use a mobile phone to request service under your policy we may, within half an hour of your call to us, use the mobile signal to help identify the location of the immobile vehicle. We will not use the signal for any other purpose.

Passenger - any person who at the time of the incident is riding in the vehicle and is not a hitch-hiker.

Laughing out loud, Big Brother is watching you and has his terms and conditions to ensure compliance!
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