Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Moonraker from J.W. Lees of Manchester.

I saw a bottle of beer on special offer in the supermarket the other day. Moonraker, which is brewed by J.W. Lees of Manchester, is a strong ale with an ABV of 7.5%! I enjoy my real ale and I had not drank Moonraker before but I have enjoyed J.W. Lees beers in one of their pubs. Generally over-strong beers are not very nice and most beers over 5%ABV tend to be a little rough. Still, the price was right so I gave it a go!

Boy, this beer is gorgeous! Forget the labeling of 7.5% ABV, this beer is lush. It does not taste strong and giving a guess you would think it was around 5% ABV as it tastes similar to Green King Abbot Ale. You sip this beer and you marvel at it's quality. Moonraker is such a lovely beer that you appreciate the true craftmanship of the brewer. Moonraker is a classic and a sheer joy to drink. It is dark and very full of flavour. What a lovely surprise this was from the weekly shopping basket.
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