Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Omid Djalili Show .

I am enjoying the current series on BBC1 of The Omid Djalili Show. I find Omid very funny to watch and I really enjoy his style of humour. His range of voices is wonderful, they are fresh and very entertaining. The one sketch that really rang a bell with me last night was the one about the mini-cabs. The sketch starts with Omid being an ethnic minority migrant worker driving a mini-cab. His female white passenger gets into the back of his taxi and he casually gives her a greeting. You hear her speak casually and you make the same assumption as Omid that she is replying to his greeting. But no, she is not talking to Omid, she is being very rude. She does that awful thing that a lot of people are doing nowadays. People speak directly to them but they totally ignore you and talk into a mobile telephone. This is disgusting and it is happening a lot. These rude mobile telephone talkers are very rude and they view everyone else as unimportant and treat them as dirt on their shoe.

It annoys me when people do this when I am loading my coach or giving a safety announcement, so I identify with Omid's sketch. This misuse of mobile telephones that makes us into a two class society is awful. It is also rather sad that the phone users life is so cheap that they are ruled by their mobile telephones and can't live like normal functioning human beings. Those people who walk around with Bluetooth earpieces still make me giggle. Beam me up Scotty! - Wow! they must be really important that they must remain in contact with base at all times!
Console yourself Steve in the knowledge that in ten years's time these Bluetooth users will have had their brains fried by all sorts of electromagnetic radiation emitted from a source which is in contant contact with their head.

All they will be able to do is nod constantly to strangers in the street and dribble their dinner down their shirts whilst you will still be capable of an intellegent conversation.

I suppose a lucky few of them will get a role in Big Brother or present children's programs

I'd suggest simply staring at the miscreant who's got a mobile stuck to his/her ear and say nothing until they at least pause from their conversation and give you a modicum of their attention.

I will not stand for young lads wanting to board my coach topless. No sooner has the temperature risen in excess of 20 degrees centigrade than certain elements of the male society think it's acceptable to board a coach with everything north of their waist visible.

I've had many a lively discussion with these folk. It's another unwritten rule that society risks losing forever if we continue to allow these people to push the boundaries.

I also ensure a response is illicited from each and every individual who boards my coach. I check their ticket/mobile and recite their destination to them. 90% of people agree that, yes, they are going to Bristol, and smile then board. The remaining 10% are foreign or just ignorant. The former are not permitted to board until they physically agree with me that they are going to Bristol and the ignorant are asked "Do you have a problem with me?" until they respond.

Perhaps a small part of me does get off on ensuring everything's in total order, but then I have few other problems on my coach compared to my colleagues. If 49 people know their driver is not afraid to speak out about anything from a topless chav to a mute pensioner, they're less likely to cause agro.
Wessex Gal: Thank you for commenting and it is refreshing to read that you stand up to be counted. That, as you rightly observe, is why you encounter less problems than your workmates. You get everything right before you release the Park Brake rather than have to resolve issues later.
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