Sunday, April 05, 2009

Personal web data to be stored for a year.

The mobile calls, emails and website visits of every person in Britain will be stored for a year under sweeping new powers which come into force on Monday. Privacy campaigners warned that the information would be used by the Government to create a giant "Big Brother" super-database containing a map of everyone's private life. The new powers will, for the first time, place a legal duty on internet companies to store private information, including email traffic and website browsing histories. Although the new retention powers will not permit the storage of the content of emails or phone calls it will show details such as IP addresses, date, time and user telephone numbers. A spokesman for the Internet Service Providers Association confirmed that the leading ISPs had received written orders from the Home Office setting out their obligations under the new rules.

...Well, this simply stinks. Where has the trust gone? We are being monitored everywhere and our freedoms have been reduced yet again. There are loads of CCTV cameras everywhere, demands to show ID to every Tom, Dick and Harry. From tomorrow records of your internet use will be stored for 12 months so that our government can monitor what websites it's citizens are browsing. We have become a surveillance society where we are constantly monitored, not just when we walk out of our front doors but also within our homes. This really saddens me, not because I want to do something naughty but because our government do not trust the electorate to have a private life. With this new legislation we have truly become a Police state. Trouble is we voted into Parliament these representatives who have drawn up this legislation that restricts the freedoms and privacy of the voters. Of course they will claim that this legislation is necessary to combat the domestic terrorist threat but do not fall for this claim. The really dangerous terrorists are professionals and they have really good work-arounds for any security measures that are in place. What this legislation is really about is the controlling of the average citizen who pays their taxes. The database can then monitor and Police the nation against anything that is out of favour. What is Okay this month may be out of favour next month and with these powerful databases you could become a suspect overnight for a website you browsed 12 months ago. You could innocently become a criminal from your previous website browsing history.

Sweet dreams everyone, for it is Big Brother that is watching you and not the bogey-man.
Terrorism is a poor excuse. We are all Winston Smith now.

The proliferation of the digital age was always going to end like this simply because it can be done.
When do humans resist a capability?
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