Friday, April 10, 2009

Raids on 'bomb plotters' fail to unearth explosives.

Raids to foil an alleged al-Qa'ida bomb plot, hurriedly brought forward after a blunder by a senior police officer, are yet to uncover any explosives or firearms, according to senior security sources. For some, the action verged on the cinematic. Leonard Mottram, 39, had watched as officers smashed through the bay windows of two houses in Cedar Grove, Toxteth, to arrest three suspects. He said: "It was like something out of an action movie. Everything was deadly silent for a few seconds. I honestly thought they were filming. I looked out of the front window and was expecting to see Arnold Schwarzenegger or Russell Crowe come bursting out of one of the police vans."

...So, was it all a big mistake by our security services? Where our Police thinking that buying a Pakistani newspaper featuring the headline: "Taliban blamed for sectarian suicide attack on mosque." and leaving it in on a dashboard of a grey MG Rover car where the actions of terrorists planning an attack here in the UK? Oh yeah, professional terrorists leave clues everywhere to advertise their planning. Leave a poster in a car to draw attention to your cause, why not advertise bomb making classes with a contact telephone number! I think that our security services have a lot of imagination and can create dodgy terrorist links out of the normal everyday life of law-abiding citizens. This will lead the public to suspect that all males who look like Pakistanis are potential terrorists and a close eye should be kept on these dodgy looking people. I think the BNP must be rubbing their hands at the news on these anti-terrorist raids. Wrongful arrest and fruitless raids for explosives and firearms spreads fear among narrow-minded bigots. Bob Quick had the right surname, Quick, quick to accuse those dodgy looking Pakistanis.
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