Friday, May 22, 2009

Beneath the Bleeding by Val McDermid .

This book is a 484 page crime thriller of the Dr Tony Hill profiler series, which became the Wire in the Blood television programme. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel which was such a joy because it is so full of detail. There is so much going on around the main body of the plot. The depth of this story is so great that it makes this book such a page-turner. Val has a very good writing style that is rich in content and shows she has a good understanding of life and society. To illustrate this understanding on page 177 she explains "pegging" and on page 354 she explains the choices terrorists make when selecting a target. This book is more than just a police procedural story!

This story also shows how people think and it is great for the armchair psychologist. I like the quality of the plot, the writing, the steady pace, the degree of background and the perspective that is developed for the reader. The general feeling you get is that you have a full book rather than a novella with froth on the top. I vote this book a HIT and I can see why Val has had another 21 books published. I would be happy to buy another of her books.

I can recommend "The Last Temptation" by V McDermid. I read this book back in 2003 whilst on a government paid excursion in the sun and was enthralled plus a little shocked by the graphic detail of the sexual mutilation of the bodies.

I then passed this book onto a workmate at the time (an ex-marine with many years service in the military and therefore not so easily shocked). He also enjoyed the book and was very amused that such a story would come from an elderly silver haired granny-like figure.

Thanks John, I think I would like that one as it features Tony Hill and Carol Jordan. You know that I am not easily shocked and we both know that mature women can be great fun! Seems like a good bet at Amazon for £5.49 - I will add it to my list.
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