Monday, May 25, 2009

Enigma by Robert Harris .

When I was on holiday at Agadir in Morocco, I took 3 books with me to read. When I had finished reading them, which are reviewed below in this blog, I donated them to the stall next to the hotel swimming pool. The simple idea is bring your own books on holiday and then enable them to be picked up by other guests. I then looked to see what books other guests had donated.

Enigma by Robert Harris aroused some interest within me, so I took it away to give it a try. Well, it is not a new book, Robert wrote it in 1995. The tale goes back to the Second World War when government staff at Bletchley Park were busy trying to break German radio transmissions that were encrypted with a machine called an Enigma. This book is a novel rather than a history book and features a central character called Tom Jericho. I could not engage with this book and I developed no empathy for Tom Jericho. I found Robert's writing style drab and this book an absolute slog to read. There is no bite, depth or attitude to this novel and I suggest bloggers do not waste their time or money on this book. I was glad that I had not paid for this book and even as a free-read I gave it up after reading 78 pages of this 387 page rubbish of a book. I was happy to put this book back on the stall and listen to my personal radio instead!
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