Thursday, May 21, 2009

Shock and Awe by David Isaak.

This novel has 472 pages and it is not really a thriller as it just plods along. It presents a feasible fantasy that could just work. It involves just one simple idea, to fight terror with terror. Some Americans plan a terror attack on Mecca and this book is not about Shock and Awe but Shock and Bore! It is an action story written in a James Bond style and is rather puerile. This is a poor book with very little attitude. It does not have a deep plot, just plenty of shoot, shoot and bang. It is a story of soldiers at play for the benefit of the armchair army. It does however show just how arrogant Americans can be! I vote this book a MISS as it does not meet my quality threshold. I have taken nothing away after reading this book and I will not buy another of David's books. This novel did not inspire or greatly entertain me. His writing is okay but the content is shallow and all his characters appear distant.
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