Saturday, May 02, 2009

Springing a leak.

Oh, it has not rained for a while and I got a shock on Thursday when I walked our dog along wet pavements. My toes felt cold in both feet. This seemed an odd sensation and I wondered why? When I slipped off my Padders , which I have only worn since February, I found that both shoes were taking in water below my toes. Both soles had become porous and I could not see any cracks. This is a poor show and I am disappointed. These shoes look good but they are of little use to me if I cannot walk along wet pavement without getting wet socks and toes. Shoes should remain dry for longer than 3 months and I shall never in my lifetime buy another pair of Padders. Once bitten, twice shy! Thankfully I have other waterproof shoes in my wardrobe and I have gone back to wearing my Blue Harbour shoes to work.
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