Monday, June 08, 2009

Atheist cleaners could sue Christian care homes over crucifixes, warn bishops .

What is this on the Daily Telegraph website, an April Fools' Day joke? Church care homes could be forced to remove crucifixes from their walls in case they offend "atheist cleaners" under the new Equality Bill, Catholic bishops have warned. The way the bill is written means non-Christians could sue for harassment if church authorities do not remove religious imagery, according to Monsignor Andrew Summersgill, general secretary of the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales. Bishops are concerned that religious authorities could be left in an impossible legal position, because under the bill it would be up to the employer to prove that displaying such an image did not amount to harassment of an employee.

This whole story is daft, I cannot imagine any Atheist going to court over religious imagery. I am an Atheist and I am not bothered by ANY religious imagery. You can call me by my first name of Stephen and then claim that Stephen is my Christian name, I am not bothered! I believe that ALL Atheists are tolerant people and that we are not bothered by other peoples' religious imagery, buildings, clothing or beliefs. I think that it is very hard to offend an Atheist, even if you tried. Atheists think that a belief in a God is daft and other people going around worshiping their God does not bother us, we just think it is funny and a waste of time.

Over a week ago, I refused a passenger with a Funfare ticket for another departure, travel on my coach. This woman did not like this as there were empty seats on my coach but the terms and conditions of her ticket would not allow her to travel. So she nagged which made no difference, then she cried which made no difference. Then she said something like "May God have pity on you!" as she walked away to the ticket office to purchase a valid ticket. This was not a cursing whisper but an attempt to get a reaction from me! Little did she know that I am an Atheist and that her religious claim would gain no credit with me. Never would I think of putting in a report to the nationwide company about her comments to me, which you could laughingly claim to be "religious abuse"! I am not offended by people thinking I may believe in a God or if they are wearing religious clothing or jewelry.
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