Friday, June 19, 2009

The Complete Expenses Files.

At 12.15 this afternoon my Yahoo! webmail account received an email from the Daily Telegraph newspaper. A lot of people use the expression LOL, which is internet slang for Laughing Out Loud. I find a lot of things on the internet funny and amusing but this email really did make me laugh out loud. Of course I had to read this email out aloud to Gail as she wondered just what I had found so very funny. This was after I had chuckled at Martin on the Yahoo! newsgroup about a nationwide company, getting the registration number of a motorcycle confused with the registration number of a coach!

So for your amusement I have copied the body of the email below...

Dear Mr Clynes,

This Saturday in the Telegraph don't miss The Complete Expenses Files – a 68-page magazine supplement listing the expenses of all 646 MPs.

Inside the 68-page magazine supplement you will find files concerning all 646 MPs, with details of their Additional Costs Allowance (ACA) expenses for 2007-8, the most recent year for which figures are available.

This is the first time that such detailed information about our elected representatives has been available in one place. It is an historic moment. We believe that our expenses files will help change the face of British politics for the better.

...Ho! Ho! Ho! I will be teasing my father on Sunday about another supplement in his newspaper that will be quickly dispatched to the recycling green bag without being read by him or my mother. Joking apart though, it is good that the Daily Telegraph has run this investigative journalism campaign against these criminals who have been democratically elected as our representatives, yet blatantly have been fiddling their expenses.
Hi Steve

Thanks for explaining what LOL means, I've seen it alot and often wondered.

Whilst on the Subject what does MILF mean? I've seen this used to describe Carol Vorderman many times so I'd guess it applies to her highly developed analytical and calculating brain.

MILF stands for mother I'd like to F**k. HTH
Tim is right but you think he would have posted a link!...

some MILF videos


Tim's slang of "HTH" stands for hope this helps.
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