Sunday, June 07, 2009

A new Minister of State for Transport .

Things are changing big time within our government. Following many resignations and the scandal of MP's expenses we are having a new Minister of State for Transport. Tooting MP Sadiq Khan said his late father, who drove buses around Wandsworth for 25 years, would be proud today after he became the first ever Muslim to join the cabinet. The 38-year-old father of two, who grew up on the Henry Prince Estate in Earlsfield, said he wanted to be an inspiration to all people from humble backgrounds. He said: “My dad, when he first came to this country, he wouldn’t have dreamt that his son would have gone to the cabinet. If he was alive now he’d pinch himself. When you’re an immigrant and you’re driving buses, working all the hours God sends, and when you live on the Henry Prince Estate, sometimes you can have limited dreams and expectations."

Sadiq claims that transport was “in the blood” because of the decades his father, Amanullah Khan, spent driving the number 44 bus from Wandsworth garage until he died in 2003.

Well, good luck Sadiq, it is nice to see the son of a bus driver being given the job of Minister of State for Transport. To be given any job in the cabinet at the age of just 38 is a huge achievement and is an inspiration to everyone. What generally annoys voters is when ministers are appointed in fields that they know nothing about and working in issues where they are not representative. Because of your father's influence and his inevitable talks over the kitchen table you will be well placed to be the Minister of State for Transport. You will have done the Maths and you will understand how transport affects the whole population of our country. You will have seen transport from the bottom up, from the bus driver on an hourly rate where no-matter how well he does his job he is trapped by his employer and the transport infrastructure, to the top businessmen who do not care about the general public because money talks and they MUST come first.

The job of Minister of State for Transport is a great challenge and I hope Sadiq is in it for the long haul. Sadiq's choice of religion is his private business and it should have nothing to do with his political career. If I were a voter in Tooting then Sadiq would get my vote because I feel that he is representative of the working man. Oh yes, I am only human and I hate it when people look down on bus drivers as second class citizens. All citizens should be represented equally and we should move away from a class and snobbery ridden society.
He'll get nicely settled in before being booted out next May, following the result of the general election.
Matthew: It is not over until the Fat Lady sings, Labour have been re-elected before. The voting public will decide the fate of our government, what annoys me is the large number of people who cannot be bothered to vote in an election but will telephone in for Britain's Got Talent.
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