Monday, June 01, 2009

Random testing for everyone?

THE annual summer campaign to stamp out drink-driving begins today. South Wales Police will increase the number of spot checks carried out this month to clamp down on drunk motorists flouting the law. During last year’s campaign South Wales Police tested 3,912 motorists – 196 tested positive. Of those, 1,321 were under 25-years-old, 61 of whom tested positive.

Here we go again, treat us all like children. In the workplace we have random breath tests that produce the ritual ZERO result on all donors. This is a waste of time but we are paid by the hour so we cannot complain. It is a criminal offence to waste Police time but what actions do we have against the Police for wasting our time and treating us all like naughty children? Over 3,700 drivers in South Wales in last year's annual summer drink-driving campaign had their time wasted producing negative breath tests. I would be happier if the Police gave ALL drivers who produced a negative breath test £2 in cash for wasting their time. There is a thing called wrongful arrest and getting people to prove their innocence is not really fair play. No wonder the Police are loosing the support and respect of the public as we blunder our way into a police-state where everyone is constantly under suspicion as likely to commit an offence.
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