Wednesday, July 08, 2009

There is another way!

Next year Google will release it's own operating system that is based on it's Chrome web browser. Google has gone the way I thought it would and is including a version of Linux linked to it's own Chrome web browser. This should work really quickly for the user and I think Google is right to approach an operating system from the side of a web browser as this reflects the users' major use of their computer. As more and more information is gathered from the clouds of the internet it simply makes sense to operate your computer from a browser. This minimal approach should be clean and quick, giving internet users just the bones of want they want in a brief and consistent way. I wish Google well in their quest for a better user experience. What is the point of the long start-up and close-down times of Windows? I do not believe that the average user wants such a bloated operating system that Windows has become.
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