Thursday, July 30, 2009

Victim support, Muslim style.

Here in the UK victims of rape are given special support from the Police and their attackers are pursued. Things are very different in Bangladesh as this report posted on The Dhivehistan Report clearly shows.

The victim of repeated rapes who has become pregnant is being forced by local leaders to marry the man who abused her and sentenced to a beating for the "crime" committed. This is the story of a teenager in the village of Char Padma in Faridpur district of central Bangladesh.

Omar Faruk is a teacher from the "Maktab", the village Islamic school. The imam has long abused the minor, taking advantage of the position of prestige within the local community. The girl is in the seventh month of pregnancy, her physical and mental health are not good, and she risks a premature birth.

For several months she hid the violence and pregnancy, for fear and shame. When her belly started to grow, the news spread throughout the village. On July 18 last the Arbitration Council met, consisting of a group of experts led by Fazlur Rahman Fazal, to discuss the matter and issue a verdict. The meeting ended with a conviction of 101 lashings a head for the young girl and the imam, author of the violence.

Local sources revealed that both have already received 25 beatings, pursuant to the decision. The girl will even have to marry her torturer, who has two previous marriages behind him. In Bangladesh, women are often victims of violence and abuse, most of which goes unpunished.

...I am shocked by the brutality of this story. The 101 lashings demanded by a local court for the victim of rape is obscene. For the girl to have to marry her abuser is simply gross. Some people want Sharia courts in the UK but the actions of this Arbitration Council demonstrates clearly just what is wrong with Islam. This is simply evil and it goes hand in hand with the teachings of this most intolerant of all religions. Victims of rape should be supported and not further abused by society leaders. Thankfully, Bangladesh and Britain are worlds apart and we can provide justice for victims of rape.
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