Friday, August 21, 2009

And the lights go up, in Rochdale!

Town hall bosses were accused of going Christmas crackers today after putting up festive lights - four months early. Rochdale Council workers used a cherry picker and were bathed in summer sun as they began putting up the decorations on lampposts throughout the borough - more than 100 days before Christmas. They include light decorations of traditional Christmas symbols, including a giant Noel sign and Santa Claus, plus a penguin on skis. But the council say the lights have gone up early to celebrate festivals for other faiths including the Hindu festival of Diwali in October and the Muslim festival of Eid, starting on 20 September.

...Well, forget Christmas lights, Rochdale has party lights for a 15 week season! What is Rochdale, the Ibiza of the North? Joking apart, well done to the guys in Rochdale council for taking an enlightened approach to the lives of the community. People of all faiths should be allowed to celebrate their special times of the year as everyone pays the same Community Charges, regardless of your own religious beliefs. This is not political correctness gone mad but a simple case of giving people what they pay for. Let's party!
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