Sunday, August 16, 2009

Stuff White People Like .

Stuff White People Like is a blog that takes satirical aim at the interests of North American "left-leaning, city-dwelling white folk". The blog, hosted by Wordpress, was created in January 2008 by white Canadian Christian Lander (graduate of McGill University in Montreal), and co-authored with his Filipino Canadian friend Myles Valentin, after Valentin teased Lander about his watching the HBO television series The Wire.

...I think this blog is a hoot! I find it really funny. Look at all these things that White People Like. I think that Christian Lander has his finger on the pulse and his satire is spot on. Although my politics are clearly "left leaning" I really appreciate the humour that Christian writes into his blog. I will not single out a particular post to comment on, the general flavour of his blog is easy to spot.

Friends know how much I celebrate diversity within our society but some people still do not get it, do they? There is a place for both tolerance and humour and Christian's blog demonstrates this. Some people just want to score points and will happily play the race card to get what they want. We should not be bullied by these tactics or worried by the report in the nationwide company's August newsletter by Neil Barker. As Christian Lander so nicely writes in his blog ...

Within white culture, your choice of transportation method says a lot about you. For example a Prius says you care about the Earth, a bicycle shows you REALLY care about the earth, and a bus shows that you are probably not white.

...So Neil, racism and intolerance is one thing but playing the race card to get a money-off voucher is another thing all-together and you should be clearly aware of this. Most drivers working within public transport are "left leaning" and have a sense of humour. We are not all paid-up members of the British National Party although some drivers may read The Sun. You have created a 2 class structure with your Funfares and this can result in the darker skinned passengers claiming discrimination at not being allowed to travel at other times. This is the problem you have created in the name of profit but the darker skinned passengers can and will catch on to this as they play the race card against us. Remember, all people have a sense of humour and a right to display this humour. Even Matthew, away from his canteen-culture humour, can enjoy the pleasures of the darker skin!
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