Thursday, August 13, 2009

What was wrong with turning a blind eye?

A paramedic who was given oral sex in a hospital car park while on duty was today struck off. Married David Brammer was caught on CCTV with a mystery woman's head in his lap as he sat in the passenger seat of a car parked at Rotherham District General Hospital in June last year. Mr Adrian-Harris said Brammer, 53, had had oral sex while on duty and wearing his uniform.

Yesterday, security officers who saw a suspicious car in the car park said they focused a camera on the pair and saw the uniformed paramedic being given oral sex as he sat in the passenger seat shortly after 11pm on June 10 last year. They described seeing what looked like "a performance of oral sex" as the woman's head moved up and down while in the man's lap.

...So, what was wrong with turning a blind eye? Here we have 2 consenting adults quietly have a bit of fun. They were harming nobody and were certainly not imposing a security risk! I feel that the actions of the security officers in reporting this incident were mean and vindictive. Okay, keep the images and show them at the Christmas staff party so that everyone can have a laugh about it but certainly not put someone's job at risk over a bit of horseplay. Turning a blind eye and using canteen humour would have resolved this incident in most adult minds. Still, all around the UK there are security guards living a grim life on the National Minimum Wage who will try to make a name for themselves regardless of the cost to other people. Give some people a little power and a uniform and they will abuse it. Of course some security guards would love the chance of a blow job at their workplace but the actions of these security officers have blown their chances out of the car park!
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