Saturday, September 12, 2009

death du jour by Kathy Reichs .

This 436 page book was written in 1999 and reissued in 2008. It is the second book written by Kathy and once again features Dr. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist. I have enjoyed this book which involves religious fanatics. Apart from all the police and forensic work, this book explores how religious sects and cults work. It explains the thinking behind the leaders of these cults and how they influence their members. The powerful techniques used by these groups to draw in their members are rather involved but are very effective. By having a strong leader and very staged meetings, they quickly develop a trust with the new member. These cults condition their members easily by holding their meetings in isolation. Because these meetings are held away from mainstream society and all the other members live and sleep the cult dogma, this is how new members are drawn into the cult.

Of course, these powerful conditioning techniques can also be used by other groups, organizations and companies. Think about corporate sales and training meetings and how they are held. These companies use the same powerful techniques so they can condition the staff into the company way. When you read this book and then think about the corporate meetings you have attended in the past, you will find the issue of group psychological conditioning rather creepy. Chant the phrase after me, "Making Travel Simpler",..."Making Travel Simpler",..."telephone Service Support",..."telephone Service Support". After a while, group members believe the company mantra.

death du jour is a good book. It is a tidy novel that has a good, explained ending. Although readers can read the whole series of Dr. Temperance Brennan books, you do not have to read them in any order as each novel is a stand-alone story.
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