Monday, October 26, 2009

Are we fighting the wrong war, in the wrong country?

There is a nice piece, click the link above, on the Guardian website today by Mehdi Hasan, a senior editor (politics) at the New Statesman and a former news and current affairs editor at Channel 4. He questions both America's and Britain's involvement in Afghanistan and asks the reader if the politicians in charge are fighting the wrong war, in the wrong country?

Reading his article, I have to agree with him and Dr Marc Sageman, of the Foreign Policy Research Institute in Philadelphia: who said...

We've won. It was critical, after 9/11, that we went into Afghanistan to destroy the terrorist training camps that the plotters had attended … and we've done that: there are no camps left in Afghanistan, and all of the terror plots now come out of Pakistan.

...The rest of this article spells out the case that Afghanistan does not pose a threat to America or Britain, only al-Qaida in Pakistan can pose any threat to the West. So why not declare victory and bring the troops home?

I think all the American and British troops should be withdrawn from Afghanistan and that Pakistan should be left to police it's own country. A lot of money can be made out of wars, this has always been the case, trouble is it is you and me who are helping to make profits for the companies engaged directly and indirectly in these wars. I do not suggest that America or Britain attacks Pakistan and I think some people, with vested interests, have talked up the threat posed by some rebels in Pakistan to feather their pockets.
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