Sunday, October 25, 2009

Bugger, the clocks have gone back an hour!

It's a damned nuisance, the clocks have gone back an hour here in the UK from British Summer Time to Greenwich Mean Time. I think the clocks should be simply left alone, at the setting of British Summer Time, throughout the year. You cannot get away from reduced hours of daylight in the winter but I would rather have lighter evenings than lighter mornings. Lighter evenings help everyone and lighter mornings help only a few. I agree with the article in The Times by Paul Simon, although I would not go as far as proposing Double British Summer Time, with another change of the clocks.

In 2007 the US extended their summer time by four weeks to save energy, which was estimated to have saved about 0.5 per cent of the nation’s electricity per day, enough to power 100,000 households for a year. And a study by scientists at Cambridge University estimated that if Britain went on to European time all year round, it could save the country 170,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions — literally at the stroke of the clock.

So, I propose that we keep British Summer Time throughout the year. This would give us better use of daylight and save a lot of energy with no extra cost involved.
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