Saturday, October 03, 2009

cross bones by Kathy Reichs .

This is Kathy's 8th book featuring Dr. Temperance Brennan, a forensic anthropologist. She wrote this novel in 2005 and it is very different to her other novels because it is a conspiracy rather than a regular crime thriller. This book has 481 pages and Kathy starts off in the first 5 pages by describing the facts about some archaeological finds in Israel from 1963 to 2002 to put the reader in the frame. At the end of the book, from pages 477 to 481, Kathy explains the inspiration behind her novel and how she was able to write it.

This story starts in a standard way about a death of a man in Montreal. The plot thickens and Dr. Temperance Brennan is drawn into a world of conspiracy that surrounds religion. This book is about conspiracy and is similar in style to The Da Vinci Code . If you liked The Da Vinci Code, then I am sure that you will like cross bones. I vote this book a HIT and I can find nothing wrong with it. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and it ticked all the right boxes for me.

This book explores and goes into quite a lot of detail about Jewish culture. It explains how certain archaeological finds could destroy the Jewish and Christian faiths. This novel is a good conspiracy tale that makes the reader think and wonder about the possibilities that have been raised. This is an entertaining read and it is not heavy. I am an Atheist and this book had me laughing my socks off because of the theological issues the story raised. I am sure that there is nothing in this book to offend Christians, Jews or Muslims.

So, Dr. Temperance Brennan leaves Canada and travels to Israel because of finds at Masada in the 1960's by Yigael Yadin . She is also pulled into the conspiracies by a book called The Jesus Scroll by Donovan Joyce which gives the reader a lot of food for thought.

Kathy has written this novel around the true life experiences of James Tabor who has written a book called The Jesus Dynasty . I have my own views on religion and I found this book fun and a joy to read. Two little quotes that made me smile where on page 97...

And this was the first time Dora had been questioned alone.
"Did your son have enemies? Anyone who might have wished him harm?"
"We are Jews, miss."
"I was thinking of a specific individual."

And on page 345...

We were shown to a booth so dark it was impossible to make out the printed word. I glanced at the menu then gave Ryan a take-it-away gesture.
The waiter wore a white shirt and black pants. His teeth were yellowed, his face lined from years of cigarettes.
Ryan said something in Arabic. I understood the word "Coke". The waiter asked a question. Ryan gave a thumbs-up. The waiter scribbled on a pad and left.

But on page 348 Kathy writes...

The waiter dropped two coasters on the table and parked a can of high-test Coke on each. Apparently Ryan's Hebrew lessons hadn't included the word "diet."

...So, this was not another Crime Scene Investigation but a very good conspiracy tale made from very good research and historical knowledge.
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