Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Disabled, my arse!

Oh, we get it all the time at work. Driver's note: front kerbside seat required by disabled passenger travelling from A to B. Oh yeah, we think, yet another passenger is playing the disability card and wants the seats on the coach offering the best view. Anyone who has ever travelled on a coach will tell you that the worst seat for leg room is the front kerbside seats because of the reduced legroom imposed by the vanity screen. That is the panel that is fixed to stop boarding passengers looking up your skirt! Yet, these passengers who claim to be disabled and then demand the front kerbside seats also claim it is because of their legs! Oh yeah, and I was born yesterday. Next fraudster please!...

Enter a benefit claimant, Susan Hutchinson, 56, of Barry, South Wales , who was paid more than £20,000 incapacity payments for being "too weak to walk", was filmed running the Race For Life with thousands of other women. Susan Hutchinson was paid disability benefits after telling the local authority she was crippled by asthma and joint pain. But a court heard how fraud investigators saw her smiling for the cameras as she ran the 5km race. And then undercover officials from the Department of Work and Pensions filmed her on a gruelling workout in a women-only gym.

Hutchinson appeared at Barry magistrates court in South Wales to admit six charges of fraud and two of theft after claiming benefits for more than five years. Unmarried Hutchinson led a double life by using her real name to claim disability living allowance - and a false name to work in a nursing home and as PA to a wealthy businessman.

A spokesman for the DWP said: "She fraudulently claimed more than £23,000 in benefits including income support and disability living allowance. "This is reserved for the most severely disabled members of society, who are either unable to walk or virtually unable to walk."

Hutchinson admitted all eight charges totalling £23,238.16 in benefits. She will be sentenced at Cardiff Crown Court on 13 November.

...This Susan Hutchinson is a fraud, just look at the eight seconds of video on the BBC News webpage! This fraudster of a woman is not disabled, crippled by asthma and joint pain or being "too weak to walk". What is it with these people who claim to be disabled? It makes me sick, we get bullied at work by the disabled making our job awkward by demanding front kerbside seats. Young men can be so damned awkward to refuse to board a regular coach because they can pose with a pair of crutches. Susan Hutchinson has fiddled you and me, the taxpayer, to the tune of £23,238 over 5 years. These people are simply taking the piss out of you and me. They damn well know what they are doing it and they should be stopped, period. Of course, I am not stupid, there are some people who are genuinely disabled and my next post will not be titled "Service Support, my arse!"

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