Friday, November 13, 2009

Danish Dynamite .

WOW! I had some Danish Dynamite today, it was a lovely surprise and it really made me chuckle, with joy. What, you may wonder, was Stephen so pleased about, not more Danish newspaper cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammad? Oh, but this was golden, it really was!

Relax folks, no need to buy Danish flags to burn in protest at the freedom of expression enjoyed in Europe! Danish Dynamite is a light golden, dry, strong ale, slightly fruity with a well balanced hop flavour and bitterness - simply a Top Class Beer which has won several major beer festivals, brewed at OG 1048 and ABV 5.0%

Danish Dynamite is brewed by Stonehenge Ales , Bunces Brewery, The Old Mill, Mill Road, Netheravon, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP4 9QB, United Kingdom and I found it an absolute joy to drink with my pub lunch today. No wonder Danish Dynamite has won so many awards ! This real ale is simply delicious! There is something really lovely about having a day off work, enjoying a romantic pub lunch for two, washed down with an excellent real ale like Danish Dynamite. I do not know why the Stonehenge Ales called this brew Danish Dynamite but this Prophet approves! If you know why this golden ale was called Danish Dynamite, please leave a comment in the box below. Maybe it is because Stig Anker Andersen: Master Brewer, MD and Owner is Danish and/or of Danish ethnic origin. However, do not get confused with Carlsberg, there are other beers produced by Danes !

2009 is now distant past - but better late than never. I thank you for your very mice comments on Danish Dynamite. The beer is named after the Danish national football team, launched when the European champion championships took place in the UK in 1996, which year the beer was launched.


Stig Anker Andersen
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