Saturday, November 21, 2009

Harvesting the fat .

Police in Peru say they have arrested three members of a gang who murdered a string of peasant farmers, drained the fat from their dead bodies, and then attempted to sell it to European cosmetics manufacturers. The men have confessed to a total of five killings, but are suspected of dozens more. Police believe they approached their victims on remote roads and lured them to a hut in the jungle with talk of being able to introduce them to a potential employer. Instead, the victims were bludgeoned to death. Each of their bodies then had its head, arms and legs cut off. Major organs were removed, and discarded, before the torso was suspended from hooks in the ceiling of the hut. Candles were placed beneath, so that melting fat would dribble into pots, pans and other collecting vessels.

WOW! What a shocking story! Had today been the 1st of April I would have laughed this story off as a hoax. This is a dreadful crime and the victims would have been easy to entice with the offer of work. To think that criminals could butcher these peasant farmers in this way is shocking and this gang is clearly evil with not a moral among them. Police believe that the gang, and others like it, could have been carrying out versions of the scheme for almost three decades.

Peru will not become a holiday destination for Gail and I because my wife would clearly be a target for these evil fat harvesting gangs.
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