Thursday, November 05, 2009

What do they look like to you?

You are in a pub when a man and a woman enter. You look at these people and think to yourself, what do they look like? Look at the photograph below and then describe the people you see.

Well, these people certainly look like a Black Couple to me! However, Johnson Abraham, 24, and Roxanne Duhur, 21, ordered at the bar, without a table number, before going upstairs to find a seat. When they went to pay for the meal the comment 'upstairs blk couple' was printed on the bill.

Mr Abraham said: “I was outraged. They wouldn't have written 'white couple'. I do class it as racism. It spoiled what should have been a celebration.”

Slug And Lettuce area manager Nick O'Donnell said: “We often put a note on orders to help reduce the chances of it being sent to the wrong table. I agree the language was inappropriate. I apologise for the upset caused.”

...Now come on Johnson, this is not racism, you chose to order without a table number, how else could someone briefly describe you as a customer? Ah, I know, bloke with a chip on his shoulder. I thought this story was funny and I laughed my socks off. My wife Gail however had mixed feelings about this story and said she would be very annoyed if our till receipt showed "Fat Cow sat in the corner"! Lighten up everyone, simply chose a table number before you order if you are sensitive to how you look to other people.
"Lighten up everyone"

Probably not the best expression to use here Stephen.

Well spotted John, I did not mean the phrase "Lighten up everyone" as a pun, only an expression of how I feel about the story and the issue of alleged racism.

Where your ears burning this afternoon because Mam and Dad asked if I had heard anything from you? Glad to read that you are still around and can manage to bash the keyboard.
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