Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Ah!!! The lights and other junk.

Oh what a lovely 14 day holiday I had in Tunisia, a country that is clean and tidy. What did I come back to on Sunday but the Festival of Consumerism. It was a shock to come back from a Muslim country to the UK where the Christians and the Pseudo-Christians have adopted gaudy Christmas decorations and lights blazing from homes. We went around to the Jones's for dinner and they put on as many exterior and interior Christmas lights to try and wind me up. The Jones's are not worshiping Christians, just people who like to show off with Christmas lights on the front of their home.

I am an Atheist and I have no time for Christmas decorations or lights. I can party with the best of people but I do not need a calendar to tell me when to party. I think that Christmas decorations and lights are simply naff. Gail does not feel the same way as I do and this afternoon she has got her way, yet again, and our home is looking like Santa's grotto. Oh, the mess with all this junk in my lounge. There is a tree with balls and lights on, a row of lights on top of the television, 7 Santas, 5 snowmen, 1 turkey, a gang of biblical characters and some Christmas cards plastered on the doors. Gail is not a Christian but an Agnostic, she is hedging her bets and thinks that there maybe a God and a life after death, she wants to keep her options open! Mind you, she believed that Iraq had battlefield Weapons of Mass Destruction that it could launch in 45 minutes, so believing in fairies at the bottom of the garden should be no surprise! Gail does like her Christmas decorations though, thankfully she is not asking for lights outside our home! It surprises me the number of houses on our estate displaying exterior Christmas lights, some of these lights are running 24/7 - what a waste of money.

Ah well, it was lovely to spend 14 days in Tunisia away from all these gaudy Christmas decorations and lights. I am not a kill-joy, I just do not like all this junk that serves no practical purpose at all.
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