Monday, January 04, 2010

Is he dead yet?

Sorry, no - he is not dead yet. Today Ariel Sharon , a former Israeli prime minister, will have been in a coma for four years. A steely general nicknamed "the bulldozer," the now 81 year-old left a leadership vacuum that many feel has yet to be filled. Sharon suffered a stroke on 4 January 2006, when he fell into a coma and entered a persistent vegetative state. In October 2009 his doctor confirmed that Sharon is in a "static vegetative state" with severe brain damage and in a coma, but not a very deep coma that would prevent him from opening his eyes and even following things with them.

During his career, Sharon was a controversial figure among many factions, both inside and outside Israel. The Israeli government established the Kahan Commission to investigate Sharon's involvement in the Sabra and Shatila massacre , and subsequently found he bore personal responsibility, specifically "for having disregarded the prospect of acts of vengeance and bloodshed by the Phalangists against the population of the refugee camps and for having failed to take this danger into account." On December 16, 1982, the United Nations General Assembly condemned the massacre and declared it to be an act of genocide. Paragraph 2, which "resolved that the massacre was an act of genocide", was adopted by ninety-eight votes to nineteen, with twenty-three abstentions.

Ariel Sharon has a lot of blood on his hands and a lot of people throughout the world would be pleased to see him dead for his crimes against humanity. If his life support machines were put to a telephone vote - X Factor style, I am sure he would not be appearing on next week's show. I wonder why Dr. Shlomo Segev has not quietly pulled the plug and let the Butcher of Beirut die, giving justice to thousands of civilians murdered in Lebanon. I would vote to switch off Ariel Sharon's life support machines and I would be happy to purchase the follow up DVD called "Ariel Sharon - Unplugged".
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