Sunday, January 03, 2010

Tension walking the streets of Wootton Bassett.

Muslim radicals are planning a parade through Wootton Bassett, the town which holds processions in memory of fallen British soldiers. Extremist group Islam4UK are organising a march in the coming weeks, which they claim will be in honour of muslims killed in the Afghanistan conflict. Islam4UK, a platform for the global front Al-Muhajiroun , claim 500 people will attend their event and plan to parade symbolic coffins down the same street. The plans have sparked outrage in the quiet market town, which has now become synonymous with the rising death toll from the war. Friends, relatives, fellow servicemen and woman and shopkeepers line the streets to pay their respects to the coffins of returning soldiers on a near weekly basis.

...Well, what can I say, I have read the news story, looked at the websites and have been invited by Matthew (a workmate) to join a Facebook group against the proposed march in Wootton Bassett by Islam4UK. Let us never forget that Islam4UK is a group formed by the same people who ran Al-Muhajiroun, who were banned under the British Terrorism Act 2006 for the 'glorification' of terrorism. Islam4UK are not a harmless group like Morris dancers and if you read their LETTER: To the Families of British Soldiers who have died or who are currently in Afghanistan written today by their leader Anjem Choudary you will get a flavour of their beliefs...

We begin by inviting all non-Muslims to Islam, the perfect and most beautiful way of life, a favour from Allah (God) to mankind to take him out of the darkness of worshipping his own desires to the exclusive worship, submission and obedience of Allah alone, without partners and to testify the Messenger-ship of the final Prophet Muhammad (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him). We urge you to embrace Islam and save yourselves and your family from the hellfire and not to believe the lies and distortions which the Western media and non-Islamic regimes would have you believe about Muslims and their true intentions.

...Oh, I see, convert to Islam to save you and your family from hellfire! Strong stuff indeed and also quite like some evangelical Christian groups who promise, if you convert to their cause, to save you from hell and a good roasting! Okay, that is the pitch of these religious zealots but what will their proposed march in Wootton Bassett achieve? Our media will whip it up, some people will claim to be shocked and people of my thinking will simply have a good laugh about it. Islam4UK will not do their religion any good and will only get the backs up of many non-Muslims. I think that by having the march in Wootton Bassett, Islam4UK will only be shooting themselves in the foot. If they must have their own stand-alone march, then they should have it in a major city and not this small market town, which could cause distress to the public who have mourned the deaths of so many service personnel through their streets. By Islam4UK having their own march, it is undermining the good work that has been done by the multi-faith Stop the War Coalition in changing public opinion about our invasion of Afghanistan.

We should uphold our British tradition of tolerance and freedom. I think that Islam4UK should be allowed to march and protest anywhere in the UK. I think that Wootton Bassett would be a bad choice for them as it will get the public's back up. A better location for them would be Luton, this would also help their members by not having to travel so far! If you ban a march by one group, one you do not like, then maybe a group you do like, Morrisdancing perhaps, could also become banned if it falls out of political favour. We must protect our rights of association and protest, even for members of daft and/or intolerant religions. So sorry Matthew, I will not be joining your Facebook group to ban the proposed march in Wootton Bassett by Islam4UK.
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