Saturday, January 23, 2010

"Your Stephen is buying a lot of books".

We were out with friends yesterday doing lunch when Faye said to Gail "Your Stephen is buying a lot of books". This was no surprise to my wife Gail because she knows all about my reading habits. I used to buy a daily newspaper and then I became disillusioned with the content and changed over to reading books instead. Since then I have got my news fix from the internet and have not purchased a newspaper. Yes, I have looked at newspapers if they have been left around but I have not paid for one. Each time I have looked at a newspaper my final thought was always, I am glad I did not pay for this.

Gail and I wondered this morning when this change from a daily newspaper to reading books took place. Looking on this computer, I know the exact answer. I changed over from newspapers to books in October 2007. I have now read a total of 61 books and for a daily read they beat newspapers hands down. I have a little stock of books that I have bought and not read yet, waiting for me in the second bedroom. I tend to buy books in groups, so the space on top of the dresser is a little cramped! So, yes Faye, Stephen has made a lifestyle change and is reading books daily rather than a newspaper. I was not going through a phase but I had changed my reading medium of choice.
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