Sunday, February 28, 2010

36 year old Iranian woman shows her bare legs on national television!

A lovely bit of television was broadcast in Britain last night. Just watch the video above to see a 36 year old Iranian woman showing her bare legs. This conduct would certainly not be allowed in Iran, the country of her birth but here in Britain she can show her bare legs in public, dance around a stage and have those images broadcast on national television. Oh! those lovely brown, naked Arab legs dancing around on my television. Of course this is all in aid of charity and it is part of the BBC television programme called Let's Dance for Sport Relief . I really enjoy the comedy of Shappi Khorsandi and she gave it her all dancing to Mickey. Sadly Shappi did not get through to the next round of this programme. Nice legs though and they brightened up my Saturday night.

One contestant I did enjoy has got through to the next round of this programme though. Debra Stephenson another comedian, danced around to Smooth Criminal - a Michael Jackson song. I never liked Michael Jackson or his music but Debra's take on Jacko is simply brilliant entertainment. It also showed just how effeminate Michael Jackson was on stage as you can clearly see on the video below.

All the dances on Let's Dance for Sport Relief appear to be better and more entertaining when they are performed by comedians rather than athletes or broadcasters. Both Shappi and Debra have raised the bar for entertaining the viewing public. The only criticism I have of the programme is the comments from the judges. All of their comments are sycophantic, with not one negative comment raised. Okay, they are trying to raise money for charity by selling telephone votes but it is silly calling them judges when they never give any criticism.
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