Tuesday, February 16, 2010

A Faint Cold Fear by Karin Slaughter .

This is the third novel in the Grant County crime thriller series, it has 462 pages and was written in 2003. The story continues with Sara Linton, Jeffrey Tolliver and Lena Adams. It is a stand alone novel but it is nice to continue as a reader building on the history of previous novels in the series. A body has been found which looks like a suicide but Sara and Jeffrey wonder if it was a murder that was staged to look like a suicide. This discovery is followed by a brutal attack, 2 more probable suicides and a murder. Are these coincidences or are they all linked?

Karin tells the story in her usual three person style but this book is really the tale of Lena Adams. Lena has left the police force and now works as a security guard at the college campus. Lena has some rough sex which brightens up this story for the reader. I really developed an empathy for Lena as she tries her level best to move on from what happened to her before. Although this book is a crime thriller, it is not heavy reading as is quite light with family relationships filling the pages. Without the role that Lena played in this story, I feel that this book would have failed my quality threshold. It would have been easy to have walked away from this novel as it is not special and does not have an X factor.

The title of this book comes from an undercurrent throughout the story of domestic abuse that is not challenged but simply accepted and hushed up. A Faint Cold Fear is okay but it is not one of Karin's best. I do not suggest that bloggers purchase a copy but it is okay to read if a copy is passed onto you. The ending is poor but there is a lovely twist to the story just 3 paragraphs from the last word.
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