Monday, February 22, 2010

In praise of the comment box below blog posts .

Dr. Jim Taylor writes for the San Francisco Chronicle and on his blog has written an article entitled - In Praise of the Blog "Commentariat". Click the link above to read his article which I feel is fair comment. I agree with the tone of his article and in particular...

But a lot of that anger that we see among the commentariat is really just frustration felt by millions of ordinary people who feel powerless against our country's powers-that-be. When you peel away the rage, what you hear are voices that want to be heard. Not just one vote every few years, but one voice that can be heard regularly. Before the blogosphere, there was no such platform from which those individual voices could gain others' attention. The blogosphere platform used by the commentariat is now immense.

...So, let us all join in and become a member of the Commentariat. You may only get a vote every few years but you can comment on blog posts everyday! Come everybody, click on those comment boxes and make your comments heard. As Dr. Jim Taylor rightly states...

I now see it as a vital force in our democracy that, though not exactly leveling the playing field altogether, it at least flattens it some so that it is not tilted so steeply in favor of the all-powerful ruling class.
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