Wednesday, February 03, 2010

The Trojan Bus.

POLICE have unveiled the 21st-century version of the Trojan horse – the Trojan bus. But instead of a wooden horse, the officers hid inside a bendy bus. They borrowed the 60ft vehicle and a driver from Cardiff Bus in a last-ditch attempt to catch yobs whose stone-throwing attacks on services in Ely, Cardiff, had become so frequent the company was on the verge of pulling out of the area. Half a dozen uniformed officers donned casual jackets to look like ordinary passengers and, together with a dog handler and police dog, boarded the bus and headed into Ely on Thursday evening.

Chief Inspector Alun Morgan, who came up with the plan, said the idea was to draw the yobs out so they could be caught. He said during the big freeze youths began throwing snowballs at the buses and then switched to stones when the snow melted. He said: β€œIt looked just like an ordinary service bus and when it got into Ely, it came under attack from 19 youths.”

Chief Insp Morgan said officers stopped the bus and gave chase. Just as the youths were about to disperse, the dog handler warned them he would release the animal if they did not stand still. So they did. Two youths were arrested and taken into custody and 17 have been referred for anti-social behaviour orders.

...So there you have it, 1 police dog halts 19 yobs! I do not think the thought of 6 police officers running after them would have stopped any of these yobs but the thought of a German Shepherd dog's teeth searing through their flesh certainly did! I hope the justice system really punishes these yobs because their criminal damage is so costly to repair and if the service was withdrawn then my parents would not be able to hop on that bus. It is a shame that the thoughtless actions of these 19 yobs brings Ely into disrepute. Ely is normally a quiet area of Cardiff to live and I do not see any trouble going on. We have lived here in Ely since 1999 and find it a really nice, quiet place to live. We much prefer it here, than 3 miles down the road to our previous home in Canton. My parents have lived on the other side of Ely since September 2008 and they are very happy in their sheltered housing complex, which is close to the shops and the 17/18 bus routes. It only takes a few, 19 in this case, to spoil it for everybody else.
Surely Mr Clynes you don't think that these ''YOBS'' should be arrested and put before the courts, do you? What about their 'uman rites'? Surely they should be sent on a round the world cruise for six months all expenses paid by the tax payer and have their benefits increased to help them with the stress of being told off, to be rehabilitated like innit, bra!!!!!!!!!!!!

You cant be liberal and a hang 'em and flog 'em at the same time?????
I and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad are very liberal. Sharia law will bring these yobs to justice.
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