Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Digital Fortress by Dan Brown .

This book is a tale of computers, software, privacy, freedom, intelligence gathering, government control and that old Dan Brown staple of code breaking. Meet Susan Fletcher and David Becker, our glamourous heroes for this easy reading novel that is ideal for holidays and occassional readers. You do not need to be an IT expert to understand this story because Dan Brown talks you through all the details. This is the crime thriller equivalent of painting-by-numbers, a sort of Thrillers for Dummies .

Digital Fortress is a good book and I am giving it 4 stars on book army . This novel is an entertaining read in the same way that The Da Vinci Code was for me. This story is a convincing tale of conspiracy, it has a good pace and is worth a read. There is only one little niggle I could point out. On page 260 Dan writes...

The sound of a small engine turned Becker's head. It sounded like a chainsaw. A big kid and his chain-clad date pulled into the parking lot on an old Vespa 250 motorcycle.

...Only Vespa have never made a motorcycle, they have only ever made scooters. They also have never had a machine with a 250cc engine. But do not let this little detail put you off this 510 page book that was written in 1998 and reissued by Corgi in 2009. This novel has a decent ending and on page 492 I guessed the right answer to the puzzle, the answer was written there as part of the text! Oh yes, another teacher saves the day like they do in these Dan Brown novels!

I would like to thank Matthew for passing on his copy of Digital Fortress to me, I enjoyed reading it just as much as I enjoyed The Da Vinci Code in 2007.
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