Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I remember the days!

Over on A Transport of Delight is a guest post from the author of the Omnibuses Blog. The post is titled "More rattles than at Mothercare." It is about the Leyland Lynx MkII and a company called Dorset Sprinter who have 3 Leyland Lynx MKII's that used to be owned by Cardiff Bus. Friends and family will already know that I was a driver with Cardiff Bus from 1991 to 1997 and I remember driving a lot of Leyland Lynxes.

The author of this post writes...

Riding the X5/X55, you certainly sense that the Lynxes belong to a different generation. They are no match for W&D’s 58-reg Scanias on the Bournemouth-Ringwood-Salisburys. On poorer quality roads, Lynx demonstrate an unsettled & harsh ride. Shudders feed through the vehicle. Indeed, there were more rattles than at Mothercare.

...Ah! That is a shame! My memories of the Leyland Lynx are somewhat different. In my opinion the Leyland Lynx was the best single deck bus I have ever driven. The entrance door was lovely and wide with a low floor. The steering was wonderfully light. The ZF automatic gearbox with integral retarder did a spot on job with the demands of city service bus work. The engine had good low down grunt to pull away sharply from traffic lights. The windscreen in front of the driver was a brilliant piece of design. Look at the photographs and observe the slanting windscreen. This windscreen NEVER suffered from reflections from the lights and passengers riding behind the driver. A classic design that was welcomed by all the drivers, especially after dark.

I was saddened when the production of the Leyland Lynx ceased, it is a classic bus and sadly missed by drivers and enthusiasts everywhere. There may have been the odd rattle but they were a lovely bus to drive.
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