Monday, March 01, 2010

Petition to reduce by Fuel Duty by 2p a litre.

I and over 85,196 other people have signed a petition to reduce Fuel Duty by 2p a litre. The petition reads...

When vat was reduced to 15% in January '09 your chancellor levied an extra 2p per litre of fuel, to compensate for the loss of revenue from the vat reduction, now that vat has now gone back to 17.5% we think it only fair that you reduce the the duty again by the same amount, ie 2p per litre., come on folks, let's have fair play here and sign this petition to our government for them to reduce Fuel Duty by 2p a litre. The closing date for this petition is the 12th March 2010, so time is running out. Let's have a level playing field here and reject these extra taxes that are imposed by stealth. These stealth taxes were not part of the election manifestos and we should rise against them.
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