Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Where has Health and Safety News gone?

When you click on the 5th link in the sidebar on the right of this blog, your browser should open another blog titled "Health and Safety News". This is one of my favourite blogs and I like to read it because it gives all the latest news in the Health and Safety scene. It is clearly a labour of love for the blog author, because they scour all the news to publish the latest health and safety issues and court cases. I do not know who writes this blog but I have enjoyed reading it for a long time. Health and Safety is crucial in my day job and I like to keep up to date with the Health and Safety scene. It really saddens me to read about all those avoidable accidents that are generally the result of ignorance in the workplace by cowboys. But now, when you click on the 5th link in my sidebar, a webpage comes up that declares "The blog you were looking for was not found.".

I do not know why this blog has been withdrawn. It is not a case of the author simply stopping posting to the blog, leaving the archives intact, the whole blog has been deleted. Maybe something nasty has happened in the author's day job and he was forced to delete his labour-of-love blog.

I will keep the 5th link in my sidebar still showing Health and Safety News in the hope that the blog returns online. If Health and Safety News does not return online shortly then the 5th link will be replaced by another of my favourite blogs.
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