Tuesday, April 13, 2010

2 for 1 on drains?

We are all accustomed to seeing banners outside pubs advertising 2 for 1 meals. We all know that these offers are not genuine and the menu price of these meals are inflated, so that at the end of the day you get 2 meals for a fair price. Yesterday afternoon I went into the staff gents toilets at the flagship Birmingham Coach Station of the nationwide company. There are 2 urinals to choose from and the right hand urinal has been out of order for a very long time. So there I stood using the left hand urinal and wondering just when the right hand urinal would be fixed. Maybe the polythene cover would be removed in time for the 2012 Olympics? I glanced down and noticed that my urine had not drained from the left hand urinal. What has it come to, I wondered?

This morning I went again into the staff gents toilets at the flagship Birmingham Coach Station. What a surprise I got! The polythene cover from the right hand urinal had gone, indicating that it was fit for service. There was no urine in the left hand urinal, so I used that bowl to check it was fit for service! My urine drained away, so clearly yesterday's blockage had been removed.

What has been going on here? The nationwide company had a defective toilet for a long time and they did nothing. Then they had 2 defective urinals and suddenly both urinals were fixed. Don't tell me the plumbers had a 2 for 1 offer. Have you ever heard of a 2 for 1 offer on drains? They are rather slow to put their own house in order but I have got used to this attitude from management during my 30 years of experience within the bus and coach industry. Nothing seems to change and all reported defects are generally met with the response "Oh, we know about that."
I think that someone is taking the p*ss Steve.

No John, this is straight blogging, this post is not satire. Just ask anybody who works for a bus or coach operator within the UK. All operators have the same problems, they all penny-pinch and put profit before service. The point of my post is that the nationwide company comes down really hard on their partner operators, including my employer, yet they will not put their own house in order. Standards are falling throughout the industry, it is not just particular depots.

Now, think about the problems you encounter in your teaching job. The constant testing of pupils, the league tables and faith schools. I am sure that you can identify failings in our schools just as easily as I can identify failings in public transport. What are the staff toilets like in your current school?
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