Friday, April 02, 2010

Good Friday eh?

So the Christians declare today to be Good Friday do they? Not only do they declare today to be Good Friday but they also move this day around the calendar. Non-Christians are left to wonder, when is Easter this year? Is this an early or a late Easter? What happened last year? To me, Friday is just another working day. So, on Friday I would expect Friday pay for Friday's work. But no, the nationwide company has decided that Good Friday is just like a Saturday. The nationwide company has declared that today is a Saturday service and as such I will be paid 30 minutes less for my shift.

Oh, thank you Christians, not only have you engaged in many wars against other faiths, mainly the Muslims but you have robbed me of 30 minutes pay today because you want to call today "Good Friday". Well, you might call it Good Friday but I have lost 30 minutes pay over your day of remembrance. This is not a Good Friday for me but a day of being paid 30 minutes less for bringing the same goddamn income to the nationwide company and my employer.
Wasn't the traffic out there representative of a Saturday, though? If Saturday timings are so tight, perhaps you should make representations to your boss for them to be altered accordingly.
Laughing out loud! Both management teams do not take notice of what the drivers say or put in writing. Running times have always been shorter than what the journey takes. In fact Good Friday's traffic was much heavier than other Friday's and Saturday's - so heavy that I had to take a 45 minute rest break before I got to the end of the return journey because it could not be completed within the 4 hour 30 minute driving block.
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