Thursday, April 15, 2010

Hot or cold milk on cereals?

I was chatting with my father the other day and he was telling me that all he did in the kitchen was to use the microwave to warm up the milk for his cereal.

"You big poof!" I exclaimed in astonishment.

"What did you call me?" my dad replied.

"A big poof!" I answered.

After the initial shock of being called a big poof by his son, we had a discussion not about sexuality but milk on cereals. Dad heats up the milk in the microwave because he says that cold milk on his cereal is a shock to him. He does not like the shock that cold milk gives him and heating up the milk takes away the nasty shock. I think that heating up milk to put on any cereal is girly. Milk is a good, simple food that does not need to be heated. To be surprised at the taste of cold fresh milk is to act like a big girl's blouse. I think that warm milk on cereals is just for girls, not 77 year old men!

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cold milk, every time
Sorry to be scientific, but fresh milk will be warm, the body heat of the cow or what ever mammal produced it.

Cold milk will have been refrigerated, using fossil fuels and releasing greenhouse gases in the process.

However I'm in agreement that heating milk for cereal is "girly".


To my amusement I've just found that if you type milk in a hurry you get "milf". Is milf better cold or "hot"?
Thanks guys for agreeing that heating milk is girly.

MILF's are better cold because to be cold they are naked and their nipples will be erect!
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