Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Stickle Pike from Jennings of Cockermouth, Cumbria.

I had a pint of Stickle Pike, a beer brewed by Jennings of Cockermouth, the other day. What a lovely surprise it was to drink, it tasted so very different to other beers. I enjoy all real ales but sometimes you stumble across a beer that is so very different from all the others, that you are convinced that it is unique. Stickle Pike is very refreshing and is so full of flavour, it brought an instant sparkle to my eyes. It was so nice, I ignored the Marston's Pedigree and had a second pint of Stickle Pike. Only when I got home and switched on the internet did I discover that Stickle Pike is only 3.8% ABV! How Jennings have developed such a tasty brew at only 3.8% ABV is a big wonder to me. Generally speaking all beers brewed below 4.0% ABV are simply not worth having. These weak beers can be very bland, tasteless and quite frankly I would prefer a pot of tea. Jennings however have demonstrated that you can have a quality real ale with a low alcohol volume. Jennings have raised the bar with Stickle Pike and it shows they have the true craft of a brewer rather than an industrial chemist.
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