Sunday, April 11, 2010

Sweet Heart by Peter James .

This novel has 335 pages and was written in 1990. The story is a spooky thriller about a woman called Charley who moves from London to an old house in the Sussex countryside. It is a lovely dream home for her but she keeps having feelings of deja vu. These feelings are very strong and disturbing for Charley. Her workmate persuades Charley to experience regression under hypnosis.

This book explores the concept of past lives, are they real or are they simply superstition and mumbo jumbo? The story moves on and after the regression under hypnosis, Charley sees her doctor. On page 253 Dr Tony Ross explains...

'Not these days, I don't want to worry you, Charley. All your symptoms are consistent with stress and that's by far the most likely cause, but I have to eliminate other possibilities. You've always suffered from stress and moving house is bound to have made that worse. I think that's almost certainly all that's wrong with you, but some of your symptoms are also consistent with a very mild form of epilepsy - temporal lobe epilepsy. Temperature changes in the body, sensory delusions, olfactorial illusions - the perfume, the burning - deja vu, your feelings of fear, depression, sleepwalking. Temporal lobe epileptics often carry out functions unconsiously, either sleepwalking or doing things when they are awake without realising it.'

...So, is Dr Tony Ross correct in his diagnosis? Charley has experienced all the above symptoms, is it due to the stress of moving, is she a temporal lobe epileptic or does she actually have a past life? Well, I will not spoil it for you and this book has a well written ending.

I enjoyed Sweet Heart, it is a good book and I will give it 4 stars on Book Army . Peter James is a good author and I really like his novels. He has a wonderful writing style, a style that just flows. Peter tells a good story giving the reader a broad experience. All the chapters are full of information and scope, this is not a narrow, focused story. There are many books to choose from in the shops by authors from all around the world. What you get from Peter James is a novel that is simply "awfully British" and it is a joy to read, plus all the words are spelt the British way!
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