Friday, April 30, 2010

The Truth by Peter James .

The back cover of this novel reads...

Susan and John Carter are crazy about each other and life is perfect but for one thing - they are on the brink of financial disaster. Surely being a surrogate mother to another man's child won't harm such a strong relationship? Especially when the mysterious Mr Sarotzini is offering to save their home and business - everything they've worked for.

What seems to be a perfect solution begins to feel like an impossible situation. Susan's pregnancy is disturbingly painful but no one will tell her why. It becomes apparent that Sarotzini wields immense power and Susan begins to doubt everything she knows. As she realises the terrifying origin of the dark forces Sarotzini controls she is in fear for herself and John but most of all for her unborn baby.

...Well, what can I say? The Truth has 501 pages and was published in 1997 but re-issued in 2007. I now know why this novel was re-issued, The Truth is simply an excellent book. I will happily give this book the top score of 5 stars on book army because this novel is so good, I can find no faults with the story. The Truth is a very good thriller and the quality of Peter's writing is simply top class. Peter has the gift of story telling and I enjoyed this book, big time.

This novel has a beautiful arrangement of characters who work so well that you feel for them and understand their dilemmas. This story explores the strong emotions not just of Susan becoming a surrogate mother but also of her progress through her pregnancy. As a reader, you live with Susan's pregnancy day by day as you read through this book and I developed a feeling for her foetus , who she affectionately named "bump". Susan is preparing for that last contact with her child as she gives it away to Emil Sarotzini. Susan buys a present for "bump", a present to say a final goodbye, that hit a raw nerve with me. I then began to fully understand Susan's feelings for her unborn child. I feel this novel will appeal to both men and women. The story switches between the viewpoints of Susan and her husband John. As her pregnancy progresses I started to understand how John feels about his wife carrying another man's child. It is not easy for John to come to terms with because Susan is just doing it for the money, yet the child will be half Susan and half the mysterious Emil Sarotzini. John has the same dilemmas that every husband faces when he takes on a step family, something I did in 1991. Slowly I began to understand the feelings and motivations of Stefan Kundz, an assistant to Emil Sarotzini, who is simply doing his job.

Now then, can Susan and John escape from their situation and return to a normal life after this child is born? Are what happens to the other characters in this story simply coincidences or are there some very dark forces at play? Susan and John have many doubts about Emil Sarotzini, he is a very private man. These doubts progress as events unfold and both Susan and John wonder exactly who is telling them the truth. There are suspicions that some characters may be in cahoots with Emil Sarotzini and that things could turn out very badly for Susan and John. What is really going on? Who can Susan and John trust and can they even trust each other?

Everything fits together neatly in this story, it has a very good structure to it. Everything adds up and makes sense in the end. The reader travels through a brilliant tour of hope for both Susan and John. The ending is priceless and you think WOW!
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