Monday, April 05, 2010

"What is happening, dude?"

You tell me because I do not know, yesterday you said change of shift, go to Bradford on Tuesday, then today you said go to London tomorrow. Do you want me to start at 07.50 or 14.15 - or maybe you have known for 3 weeks that things were about to go pear shaped? Could you get a coach out of the depot within 45 minutes or is it a myth like the ability of your neighbour to launch battlefield weapons of mass destruction within 45 minutes as claimed in the September dossier? Is this all a load of bullshit?

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steve my friend you know who I am. We have spoken on many occasions about the company in question and you never seemed to believe me!!!

The management HAVE known for some time that things were going pear shaped but have not told the drivers..... All I can say my friend is that come June there will be no job for you at your current place of employment. I know this to be FACT and so does the management.........


Dan Brown and John Grisham fan
Your employer's Rotherham base has acquired diagrams from June. I can say this with confidence. As to the rest, I've only heard rumours.
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