Sunday, April 18, 2010

Yawn! - The election is coming.

I cannot stand apathy and I think that all adults should vote in the coming general election. It is not much to ask everyone to vote and the choice of representative is rather easy for everyone. You could look at every party's manifesto if you are still unsure who to vote for, or you could go to this website and fill in the simple quiz that takes under 5 minutes. Who Should You Vote For? will then give you the results. These results show you which party to vote for and how many points each party scored. It will be of no surprise to my regular readers to see my recommendation was to vote Labour! Now look at the scores for the other parties...

Labour 18
Liberal Democrat 15
UK Independence 3
Green -2
Conservative -10

...That was not a narrow recommendation. Vote for change - no thank you, Tory boy!
I take it by voting labour stephen you are votng for more immigration, less job opportunities, more tax etc..!!!! I do not wish to become dependant on benefits, as is the current labour policy. I am currently in a communist country, Vietnam, I do not wish to see my country become the same like this dreadful government is encouraging!!!

If you dont want to work and just sit on your backside claiming benefits then vote labour. If you wish to work and encourage enterprise and positive commoitment to life DONT VOTE LABOUR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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