Wednesday, May 12, 2010

“like every harlot in history”.

I could not have put it better myself but the quote goes to David Blunkett , ex-Labour home secretary who opposes such a “coalition of the defeated” and accuses the Lib Dems of behaving “like every harlot in history”. We now have a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition government. The Conservatives won 306 seats in last Thursday's general election and the Liberal Democrats won only 57 seats. But Nick Clegg acting like every harlot in history has managed to persuade David Cameron into forming a coalition government with him, although he came third in the election. The Liberal Democrats have managed to acquire 5 top jobs in the new cabinet , with Nick Clegg obtaining the post of Deputy Prime Minister. Well giving Nick Clegg the position of Deputy Prime Minister will certainly annoy a lot of Conservative members and voters. These Conservative supporters voted for a Tory government, not for David Cameron to give 5 top cabinet positions to a rival party, the party who came third.

This whole scandal has happened rather quickly though. In the five days since the general election that resulted in a hung parliament, the house has moved quickly on and formed a Conservative/Liberal Democrat coalition majority government. The Americans could never have got their act together in 5 days, no way. The speed at which this coalition was formed leads me to ask one question.

Remember those 3 cosy television debates featuring the 3 party leaders. We saw and heard what went on whilst the 3 leaders where sharing the stage together. But what happened behind the scenes and in the dressing rooms? Did Nick Clegg sneak into David Cameron's dressing room, like every harlot in history and the 2 men get very close together? Did a conversation take place between Nick and David, when David made Nick a deal, similar to that famous meeting in a cafe years ago between Tony Blair and Gordon Brown?

This all seems very quick to me. Just 5 days and Nick Clegg is given the job of Deputy Prime Minister, although he lost the election. I think that maybe a deal was struck between David Cameron and Nick Clegg days before the general election was held. It all seems a little dodgy to me and we all know how devious our elected representatives can be. Remember that Nick Clegg had some donations paid directly into his personal bank account, so he is not squeaky clean but what do you expect from a man acting “like every harlot in history”.
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