Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Presenting Lenore .

Times change and people move on. Some bloggers are active and some go quiet. Like most bloggers I have a sidebar on the right of my blog that features links to other blogs or websites. I think this list should be small and feature links that are active, interesting and of quality. Every now and then I will update my sidebar.

Today I have removed the Justice Now Network - New Holocaust blog. The content of this blog became reduced over time and new posts were becoming rather rare. As this blog was not being updated enough, I decided to remove it from my sidebar.

I then considered the other blogs that I read regularly to replace the vacant position on my sidebar. Today I have inserted Presenting Lenore onto my sidebar. Presenting Lenore is a book blog and a very good one at that! I like her writing style and she clearly loves books. It is nice to turn away from the book you are currently reading and discover just what other readers think about the book they are reading - the concept of a parallel universe. Whether you like the types of books Lenore is reading or not, it does not matter. What matters is how she describes the relationship between the book and the reader.
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